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Dogs Pastel Drawing Portraits

Dogs – Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel

Pastel Dog drawing portraits in any breed of dogs always makes a treasured artwork. In this article I would like to cover the

Dogs Drawing in Pastel Portrait – Step by Step Process

Pastel Portrait Dog Drawing – Photo reference  

Dogs-Dog Drawing in Pastels - photo reference
The dog photo

The photo reference is difficult to get in the best light. Often I must work from several photos but I found this to be an adequate photo reference. In the pastel dog drawing portrait I would not make the shadow as dark on the face as you cannot see the details of the eye on the left.

Step 1 The Drawing of the Dog Portrait Commission Art

Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel
Step 1 Dog Drawing in Pastel

Here I sketched out the drawing in a sepia charcoal pencil then began by blocking in shapes. These shapes will later be modified as will the tones and values.

Step 2 Working up  the layers of pastel

Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel
Working up the layers of Pastel

When the added layers of pastel are added and I am happy with the colours I then smooth the pastel with my finger. You can see on the neck layers of colours are gently added first. On the side of the nose the pastel appears smoother where finger tip has smoothed the layers. Only a very light touch is ever used as it is easier to remove the pastel if not happy with the result. This is true with charcoal and pencil drawings as well.

The Completed Dog Drawing Portrait in Pastel

Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel
Dog Drawing Portrait in Pastel Completed

About my Pet and Animal Portrait Artwork. Many artist strive for a very realistic representation of painting or drawing. I greatly admire their dedication and skill. However I prefer a painterly approach to my Pet Portraits Commissions. It is a conscious choice not to compete with a camera representation. I want my paintings to look like the photo but appear to be obviously a painting.

Taking the Pastel Dog Portrait for this Portrait Drawing

Have a Treat or Toy, Camera, Friend ready

dog toy for photoThis is helpful to get the attention of your pet. So if you are taking the photo have a friend nearby to assist in positioning the pet. Wave the treat under the nose of your pet and lift it up to the camera.

NB. I often make a portrait from several photos of the subject so don’t worry how many photos you take to get what you want. I like the photo to be about 5 pixels, clear and in focus and all the pet parts together.

Location for the Portrait – Garden,home,or on holiday!

Make sure there’s contrast – a dark background for a light-coloured animal for example helps me to see your pet more clearly. This photo of a dog portrait was taken again a garden that the owner loved. The striking play of light made it an interesting portrait.Beaches or gardens make great backdrops for dog portraits.

For More information on taking your Pets Portrait please visit        https://www.petportraitartist.com.au/PetPortraits/takingpetanimalphoto.html

Selection of Pastel Drawing art materials for Dog Portrait

Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel

This is a selection of some of the pastels I use in my Dog Pastel Drawings. I apply this on a high quality Brown Colourfix paper by Art Spectrum. I have a newspaper under the artwork to catch the falling remnants of pastel as I work. I  use the Glassine sheet to cover the artwork when I post it off. The Glassine sheet is acid free and slippery so it does not interfere with the pastel drawing.

 Follow this link to  learn more about Designing a Commissioned Dog Portrait 

Commissioning a Pastel Dog Drawing Portrait –The Process

Commission a Dog Portrait Drawing


In the Main Website: petportraitartist.com.au there are several examples of previous commissioned portraits that can be viewed in different mediums that I have created from online commissions over the past 15 years.

Finally a video to view of My Art Studio – not usually this tidy but you will see the layout for those that are interested. As all my work sell before I have created them there is not much artwork to show.



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Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel
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