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Portrait Artists Studio – Animal Pastel Drawing Art Materials

When starting out to learn pastels one soon is mesmerized by the range of colours that are available. The joy of using this medium is immense and before long one learns to take lessons to explore all they need to learn. I became a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia and have found them to be a very helpful organisation. They are very generous with this information and a great place to start if you live in Queensland. I would also recommend other Pastel Societies as follows

Animal Portrait Artist Studio- Cynthia Hargraves


Storage of Portrait Artists Pastel Drawing Art Materials in a studio will be covered as follows

  • How I set up my pastels to create Portrait Pastels Paintings.
  • Travel storage of Pastels
  • Pastel brands I use
  • How to effectively make the best use of space while still being able to easily access my pastels.
  • Pastel backing board and pastel surfaces I use. Storage of papers

Set up of an artist studio-drawing pastels to create Portrait Pastels Paintings.

This tray of pastels is set on a narrow table to stop me dropping my pastels as I work and to stop me getting too close to my work. This is a method that suits me. Some might use an ironing board if they like the idea. I stand while working on pastel as I often like to walk back from my work and don’t like the dust making me sneeze.

Travelling with Pastel Drawing Art Materials

Okay the first thing I must admit to when you view this is I had to clean up for an hour before doing this video. My workstation is never this clean! Next the storage box is by Heilman Designs. This was not the smallest one but the next size up. I have travelled overseas with this to do workshops in the USA and it is great for travel. I also used it to travel around Australia teaching workshops years ago. I do not teach anymore. I am a full time professional portrait artist these days. This box contains my favourite brands of pastels arranged by bright vivid colours in darks to light on the left hand side to the greys and earth colours on the right hand side.

Pastel Drawing Art Materials Brands I use in my Portrait Artists Studio

Pastel Brands I used to fill this box are: Terry Ludwig, Unison, Sennelier, Art Spectrum, Rowney, Faber Castell, Jeff Waterson, Prismacolor-Nupastel to name but a few. I used to collect favourite colours over the years. I like to use the vivid colours beside the greyed colours to add extra zing when needed. for example see the background to the feature photo of this blog.

Effectively making most use of Portrait Artists Studio space and accessing my drawing pastels

Problem with this…

  • hard to find table to work on with so many pastels
  • huge tidy up after each artwork is finished
  • hard to remember where everything goes

feeling of overwhelm as much as I love to see all those colours out at once.



Dogs-Drawing Dog Portrait in Pastel

      • Drawing- Pastel drawing studio storage
      • Pastel Table
      • Table can then be used for other mediums
      • Sketching out subjects, cutting paper to suit
      • Packaging artwork
      • Cuts down on dust problem and me sneezing
      • Table top is strong and sturdy.
      • Unison pastels are mostly on display in this photo.
      • Castors with locks on them would have been better added to this table

    Pastel backing board and pastel surfaces I use. Storage of papers

    Animal Portrait Artist Studio


    •  Fixatives, art brush supplies, disposable gloves,camera are kept on top of this unit.
    • Top drawer houses Glassine paper, sketch paper. Next draw is Canson and Charcoal Paper
    • Dark coloured colourfix Art Spectrum and Light coloured colourfix Art Spectrum Paper are in the next two draws followed by Watercolour paper in bottom draw.


    Pastel Backing Board is a many paper layered canite board. I like this the best as it is light weight and the surface is pliable and soft to press the pastel down onto the toothed colourfix paper which is clamped to the backing board. Sketching material I use is graphite pencils or willow charcoal or charcoal pencil. I use mat spray to fix this sketch once I am happy with it before adding layers of pastel. Layers of pastel are applied from light firm pastels to firmer pressured soft pastels. Firmer pressure is applied in the last layers of pastel.

    Examples of  Artwork

    Animal Portrait Artist Studio

    I hope this has been of some interest. Please let me know if you have any questions on material information that I can add to this article to make it more interesting.

    Animal Portrait Artist Studio - Cynthia Hargraves



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