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Melbourne PET PORTRAIT oil Painter : DOGS, CATS, Horses

Best Melbourne Pet Portrait Painter: Portrait Artist- Custom portraits Commissions -Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horse Portraits Pets: oils, pastels, Melbourne,- Portrait painter

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Professional Pet Portrait Painter: Cynthia Hargraves provides the best professional custom portraiture for order. Her service is local, experienced, reliable and affordable. She is an Australian Artist who will fly to locations for requests for portraits in remote areas. Paintings are by design from photos, sittings or pictures to paintings. Google Analytics guides decisions to portray this information in terms that you can easily locate the Commissioned gift portraits for pet dogs, cats, horses, birds or any other animal. Commissioned art portraits gifts paintings extend from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Queensland to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth, other rural areas of Australia as well as overseas. For more on Cynthia Hargraves Qualifications, Experience, Art exhibitions and Gallery information view her Resume. Please view Clients Testimonials on the service. More information on the Process of Commissioning a Portrait Painting can be viewed on this link>>> How to get a Portrait Painted

Commissioning Dog portrait oil paintings,cat portrait paintings or horse portraits

Available in oils, pastels. Portraits are usually portrayed in a realistic representational style but can be tailored to meet the requirements of the client. Whether your desired portrait is of a dog painting,cat painting,equine portrait,bird portrait or any other animal portrait painting, it will make a wonderful keepsake or a unique collectible art investment painting.

Commission a Horse Portrait Oil Painting

Commissioned horse portraits in pastel or oil paints are available from photos taken by client or artist. Horse portraits otherwise known as equine art have a highly rewarding beauty of their own and are treasured by many whether the horse subject is a thoroughbred race horse,other breeds such as arabian horses,or a much loved pet horse you will be satisfied that you made a great collectible art investment when you buy a pet portrait online.

Commmission a Portrait Artist by Cynthia Hargraves

Cynthia Hargraves has been taking commissions online since 2003. Her Portrait painting business in pets and people have been warmly accepted by clients within Australia and Overseas. A 15 years established business has provided her with an abundance of experience to make your portrait commission specially successfully created to your needs.


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Oil Portrait Paintings of Pets Dogs,Cats,Horses animals

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The Melbourne Artist Oil Painter....

Cynthia Hargraves is a successful award winning, published, Master Pastellist and full time Australian Portrait Artist. Cynthia's works are held in many private collections both nationally and internationally.

Commissioned portraits extend from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Queensland to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth, other rural areas of Australia as well as Worldwide. For more on Cynthia Hargraves Qualifications, Experience, Art exhibitions and Gallery information .

Ring: 0488 288 512 or EMAIL

Custom Pet Portraits in Oil Paints

Dog Portrait was taken from a champion prize winning dog photo. It depicts the true nature of this dog. Portraits should depict the nature of the animal whether a horse thorough bred, racehorse, family pet, dogs, cats, birds, fish, snakes or any other animal regardless of their breed. They all have a character of their own. It is with great joy that the Portrait artist toils over their painting to bring this work of art to life. No painting is complete until full satisfaction from the client has been approved of. All work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality materials. Viewing of the painting at stages is sent to the client once a commission has started and it is for the client to be fully satisfied before the commission is completed and full funds are paid by direct deposit. Paintings are sent then by registered mail. For more details on commissioning a pet portrait see below on at the above contact link.


Contact Portrait Artist for Portrait Commissions - Dogs, Cats, Horse and Animal Portraits Art Paintings

Pet Portraits BrisbanePersonal pet animal portraits commissions hold great meaning and are very memorable and sentimental. Although many of my portraits commissions are held in private collections many more have recieved awards for their appeal. Selecting the right setting for the portrait in the best light and capturing the greatest expression that typifies the subject is often impossible to do in photos.

Ring: 0488 288 512 or EMAIL

Often the portrait subject/subjects must sit for the artist to let the artist understand their nature and do many colour studies and sketches for the painting to be at its best. Then photos can then be used as a back stop for the collection of ideas and positions. All paintings are done in the highest professional quality materials and whether choosing oils,pastels or charcoal for the commission no painting will be sold unless the client is fully satisfied with the workmanship. So whether you are commissioning a picture for a wedding gift,corporate art,birthday, unique baby shower, family group,pet portrait or simply using it as a collectible or interior decorating idea to decorate your home you will have a portait to keep worthy of any gallery.